Like a Hen or Two for Easter? Our Point of Lay Hens Are Ready!

chickens for sale derbyshire

Our point of lay chickens are ready to find new homes!

If you are looking for chickens for sale Derbyshire & Leicestershire, then from now until the end of the year we’ll have a range of point of lay hens ready for new homes!

Throughout March we have 6 varieties of point of lay hens ready. If you would like to see pictures and information such as how many eggs you can expect from each breed – you can find further information on our chickens for sale page.

You can also find facts, figures & nature of each variety we’re selling throughout March by looking at our individual breed pages below:

POL Sussex Chickens

POL Warren Chickens

POL Amber Link Chickens

POL Black Rock Chickens

POL Blue Chickens

POL Leghorn Chickens

Looking for chickens for sale in time for Easter?

Just to let you know – Easter is usually very busy for us so I recommend reserving hens to avoid any disappointment. Feel free to send all enquiries via our contact form, calling/texting me on 07712772280 or emailing me at 

If you’re looking for chickens for sale Derbyshire & Leicestershire

Then we’re in a great location… We’re situated in Griffydam in Leicestershire but a few minutes from our neighbouring county, Derbyshire. Find out how to find us here.

Hope to see you soon!

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