Hen Boarding


You can feel assured to know your chickens shall be treated just the same as our own, we take pride in our chickens and we are happy as long as they are! We can accommodate broods of all sizes. We welcome ducks and quails too!

hen boarding leicestershire

Our hen boarding includes:

  • Outside run with space to scrat and have dust baths
  • Fresh water and feed
  • Cosy bedding of straw and hay

For a clean, comfortable and safe pen we charge just £1.50 per bird per night. Birds collected before 12pm will not be charged a days rate.


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Please include the dates you'd like to board, the number of hens, how many days you'd like to stay & any further requirements.

We kindly ask that…

  • Your birds are thoroughly clean from all mites. Please dust your birds with mite powder a few days before you drop them off & check before that there are no signs of mites prior to arriving.
  • To avoid contamination please can you bring your own feeders and drinkers.

Our Terms & Information

  • Any birds we consider a risk to our own or other boarders will not be accepted.
  • If a hen or duck gets unwell or injured we reserve the right to give treatment.
  • If we believe that your chicken requires treatment from a vet – this will be done at the cost of the owner.
  • In the unlikely case of sickness or injury we will contact you prior to any treatment, but if we cannot get hold of you then the welfare of your hen or duck will be our priority.