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how to keep chickens

Thinking about buying a few hens but are wondering how to keep chickens or think looking after chickens will be difficult? In comparison to looking after a dog or a cat, keeping your own hens is easy; they don’t need walking & they don’t need constant attention! All hens need is a super spacious area, delicious food & lots of water. And in return for your love and attention, they will follow you around the garden, give you lots of entertainment and – lay eggs – of course! At Hollydene Hens we strongly live by the RSPCA’s Five Freedoms (click the link to find out more) – in accordance to RSPCA’s animal care recommendations we have put together our own guide to how to keep chickens, read on to find out four simple steps to looking after your hens.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to keep chickens happy and healthy!

1. A chicken pen that’s fox proof

A chicken pen needs a roost to snuggle up at night time, a comfortable nest box so hens can lay eggs in private, a run for outside scratting, a feeder and a water container. Foxes are mostly around at night so make sure you hens are secure and locked in their pens by dusk. Fox proof your run by ensuring all gaps are protected by chicken wire and prevent foxes from digging underneath.

Not sure what hens you like? Click to see our varieties of chickens for sale.

2. A secure garden with space for dust baths

Chickens love to explore, that’s why it’s best to have a secure garden or else you’ll be finding them in your neighbours garden too often! You’ll need a small area with loose fine soil or sand so your chickens can keep themselves clean by shaking dust into their feathers. The dust settles on the feathers and soaks up oil from their skin. Bathing in dust prevents parasites too!

3. Chicken feed & greens

Chickens are always scratting the ground for food or following you around for a bit of feed! For a complete diet, your hens simply need a diet of vitamin fortified pellets, meal and a variety of green vegetables.

TIP: Tying up broccoli & cabbage leaves in their pens keeps your hens entertained as well as full & healthy!

4. Add apple cider vinegar into their water and scatter grit in their run

By eating grit regularly, your hens’ eggs will develop better and become stronger. Like apple cider vinegar benefits our health, apple cider vinegar is amazing for chickens too! Ensuring your hen gets apple cider vinegar in their diet will aid their digestion, boost their immune system to fight off any viruses & infections, keep their feathers shiny and their combs red and glowing!

Recipe: For every 1 litre of water add 20ml of apple cider vinegar.

If you’d like advice on caring for your hens feel free to call/text me on 07712772280. You can also find us at ‘Like’ or page for advice, special offers & news in the world of chickens!

Thank you,

Sue & Hollydene Hens.

P.S Going away? We can look after your hens! Feel 100% reassured to know your chickens shall be treated just the same as our own, we take pride in our chickens and we are happy as long as they are! We can look after 1-2 hens up to 30 hens. We welcome ducks too! Go to our Hen Boarding page to find out more information and reserve your hen holiday via our booking form!

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What’s On at the Derbyshire County Show 2016

derbyshire county show 2016

We’re very excited for the Derbyshire County Show…are you?

The Derbyshire County Show is an amazing day out for all of the family.

Gates will be open from 8am and will be open til 5.30pm.

Here is what you can expect on the day…

Classes for our feathered friends…

There’s lots going on in the Poultry Section of the Derbyshire County Show. You can find classes for chickens, ducks, pigeon and a range of fancy fowl. Click to see the Poultry Schedule. We won’t be showing at the Derbyshire County Show but you can take a look at our point of lay hens by browsing our chickens for sale page.

For those who love horses…

There’s so much to do for horse lovers, you’ll be able to spectate and potentially enter:

Light Horse Classes from 7.30am
Private Driving – Carriage Driving
Ladies Hunter Side Saddle Final
Light Horse and Ponies (enter by emailing
Showjumping (click to find application forms and schedules)
Heavy Horse Turnouts

Dog lovers…

There’s an open dog show to a variety of breeds. Click to see the dog showing schedule and application form.

Rabbits and guinea pigs…


Cattle, sheep and shires


Not forgetting food in the Scaddows Farm Shop ‘Food Hall’

Hedgelaying and dry stone walling demonstrations

The Horticultural and Floral Art Section…

Vintage cars, engines and tractors…

Derbyshire County Show 2016 Ticket Information

£9 per adult (pre-show)
£4.50 per OAP or child (pre-show)
Buy tickets on the Derbyshire County Show 2016 website or pay for tickets on the day with cash.

Showground Address

The Showground
Borrowash Road
DE72 3EP

Our New Stock of POL Chickens for Sale are Now Ready!

Looking for chickens for sale Nottingham, Leicestershire or in the Derbsyhire area?

From May 23rd we have 7 varieties of point of lay chickens for sale available at Hollydene Hens.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a time to view our chickens for sale, feel free to contact me via our contact form, calling/texting me on 07712772280 or emailing me at 

You can find us at 53 Top Road in Griffydam, a hamlet located on the border of all three counties. Type in our postcode LE67 8HU to find out how far we are away from you. You can see exactly where we’re located on a Google Map on our How to Find Us page.


Our point of lay chickens are ready from 23rd May

You can find further information on each variety by clicking on each individual page below. You will find more details such as the amount of eggs a variety lays per year, fun facts and temperament of each chicken for sale.

Sussex Chickens for Sale Leicestershire
Hollydene Sussex
240 to 260 eggs per year
Click to find out more info about our Sussex Chickens for Sale
Warren Chickens for Sale Leicestershire
Hollydene Warren
300 to 320 eggs per year
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Blue Chickens for Sale Leicestershire
Hollydene Blue
260 to 280 eggs per year
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Leghorn White Chickens for Sale Leicestershire
Hollydene Leghorn White
300 to 320 eggs per year
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Hollydene Pied Ranger
260 to 280 eggs per year
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Don’t forget…

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Hope to see you soon!

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Like a Hen or Two for Easter? Our Point of Lay Hens Are Ready!

chickens for sale derbyshire

Our point of lay chickens are ready to find new homes!

If you are looking for chickens for sale Derbyshire & Leicestershire, then from now until the end of the year we’ll have a range of point of lay hens ready for new homes!

Throughout March we have 6 varieties of point of lay hens ready. If you would like to see pictures and information such as how many eggs you can expect from each breed – you can find further information on our chickens for sale page.

You can also find facts, figures & nature of each variety we’re selling throughout March by looking at our individual breed pages below:

POL Sussex Chickens

POL Warren Chickens

POL Amber Link Chickens

POL Black Rock Chickens

POL Blue Chickens

POL Leghorn Chickens

Looking for chickens for sale in time for Easter?

Just to let you know – Easter is usually very busy for us so I recommend reserving hens to avoid any disappointment. Feel free to send all enquiries via our contact form, calling/texting me on 07712772280 or emailing me at 

If you’re looking for chickens for sale Derbyshire & Leicestershire

Then we’re in a great location… We’re situated in Griffydam in Leicestershire but a few minutes from our neighbouring county, Derbyshire. Find out how to find us here.

Hope to see you soon!

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